by Igo My Way

The Third Rome. Whitestone. The First Throne. The Forty Forties. Moscow. Or simply Moskva. It is huge, loud, busy and funny smelling. And it is my favorite city. Now, you might say, ‘What the heck? That doesn’t seem like a nice city’. But believe it or not, Moscow somehow manages to attract you; it manages to make you actually feel. Whether it’s happiness, bliss or frustration and anger. it doesn’t matter. Moscow makes you miserable and at the same time it makes you feel for a moment like you’re the King and Moscow is your kingdom. Eventually, the euphoria goes away; and you’re brought down to Earth. That’s when the fun starts. Moscow can offer you anything you want. Any exotic dish, any piece of clothing, any kind of service, any little thing. Anything. Just go and get it which is not that easy.

The thing that I love about Moscow is that it is really fast. It is alive and it makes you alive. It’s nothing like St Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia. I don’t really like to rest, to lie on the couch and watch TV. I want to do things, to create, to go down to work. But sometimes you need that little escape and St Petersburg is perfect for that. But I’m in Moscow when I’m all ready to work, to live, to enjoy. It is #1.  And, by the way, the architecture, the history that goes beyond every building, every street is so incredible that it makes you wanna grab a book on history and find out how it was built, when, why and by whom. As an 864 year old city, it can offer you a lot, trust me. Moscow makes you wanna wonder; it makes you wanna explore; it makes you wanna enjoy its beauty.

Well, that post should’ve been called “St Basil’s Cathedral”, because most of the photos here are images of the St Basil’s Cathedral. I’ve been to Moscow several times, but I never took lots of pictures of that wonderful city. Simply because the city is so fantastic that it overtakes you. It slaps you in the face. Several times. And if you overcome that, you are about to enjoy on of the world’s wonders – Moscow in all its glory.