by Igo My Way

Hello, friends!

Do you know this feeling when a certain number just follows you everywhere. For me that number is 21.

First of, I see it once in a year on the calendar on my birthday! Well, that’s probably because my birthday is November 21st. 🙂 My room number is 2137; I’m gonna go back to my hometown on 21st; the 5th season of my favorite TV show started on January 21st (LOST); after a wonderfully spent year in America, I left the country on May 21st (and the date wasn’t chosen by me); my favorite HS  musical that I worked on, Into the Woods, was shown for the last time on February 21st. My favorite Adele’s album is “21“. 🙂 And so much more…

I know that we can find any number in our lives that repeats several times, but 21 just makes me feel good. It’s my number and it ain’t going away. 🙂