Herbed Salmon Steak

by Igo My Way

There’s no need to go to a fancy restaurant if you’re hungry and want to have a delicious meal.  There’s no need to go to a cheap, unhealthy fast food place if you’re starving and have no time to cook. The thing is that cooking at home is actually fast, easy and cheap. And it is way more healthier than going out to eat.

I want to point out that right now we’re facing a huge problem – the food culture is changing. Not in a good way. Less and less people cook at home. Breakfasts and lunches at schools basically consist of fast food: pizzas, hamburgers, fries… Veggies and fruits in supermarkets have all kinds of chemicals in them. We need to change our eating habits. We need a food revolution. More about that – in the future posts.

So today, instead of going to Subway (even though I love their subs), I bought a fresh salmon steak. Nothing like McDonald’s fish sandwich, huh?

Seasoned it with the sea salt, pepper, basil, thyme, rosemary.

Fried it in the olive oil for about 10 minutes on both sides until it got nice and crispy.

And that’s it! Add a simple salad to the steak, some garlic bread, and the dinner is ready. Simple? Yes. Delicious? Oh yeah.

Don’t forget to put a few drops of lemon juice on the steak when it’s done. Enjoy your meal.