Back and forth

by Igo My Way

Finding Home

For this week’s post I interviewed Toma Tetimov, an employee of the American University in Bulgaria. Toma had an adventurous life so far and agreed to share it with me. He’s also one of the people that I regularly saw on campus and felt like learning more about.

Toma was born and raised in Bulgaria. When he was much younger, he applied for a Green Card Lottery, a program by the United States allowing people from countries with historically low rates of immigration to legally move and work in America. In Eastern European countries back then the program was extremely popular with thousands of people trying their luck each year. It was 2001 when Toma decided to participate. As he told me, there was no clear plan in his head about the future. I was told that Bulgaria was in a poor economic condition and young people did not hesitate…

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