Meet Dumi: Guiding the Students

by Igo My Way

35mm Campus

This blog has been in a creative limbo for quite a while, but now it’s high time for revival and hit the full swing! Stay tuned!

AUBG campus is diverse in many aspects and even though the university does not offer a curricular program for film studies or digital media, one can find attributes of “camera, roll” community here and there. With this post I would like to kick off a set of portraits of those who are touched by the magic of a moving image, aspired to move the campus community forward or, in case of self-reliance, reserved to create the most peculiar projects of their own.

DSC01320 Dumitrita Pacicovschi, Class of 2015

If you are a JMCer, you should have seen this lovely and ever-smiling person around!

Dumitrita Pacicovschi, or simply Dumi, is a senior at AUBG. She has been involved in Documentary Club ever since I remember, being one of the club’s founding fathers (mothers?), and this…

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