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It’s been exactly one month since I wrote the very 1st post here. I wouldn’t think that I would ever make it. I didn’t know what to write about or what kind of staff I should post here. I just did my best and posted things that were appealing to me.  Frankly, I would never make it without YOU. I needed you in a way. You made me brave, you let me know that it isn’t going to a trash can.  If there is at least one person reading my post, then I am more than happy. I am on cloud nine, I am blessed. Thank YOU. I believe in you and I truthfully adore you.

I am so excited about things I will share with you during next months. There’s so much I need to say and show you. There’ll be big surprises and little twists along the way. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Stay tuned and let’s Igo together. ❤


you & you

Today, October 9th, is a very special day for two of my friends, Lisa and Max. 🙂 It is their 1 year anniversary! Man, I am so happy for you guys. You are the butter to one another’s bread, the breath to life. It is such a joy to watch you two together. You really are an inspiration.

Here some of the pictures that remind me of what you have. Photos don’t belong to me.