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New York City was eaten by the blizzard on Jan. 23, 2016. When people were encouraged to stay inside their home, I went outside to depict the natural forces.



My own website


I have recently created a website to expose my work – both digital and film photographs. There’s also a section for video that I will be updating soon. The site is running in TEST now. Would really appreciate if you leave some feedback here in the comments or email them to contact@igomyway.me .

Thank you!


My First Documentary Film

Production still2

I did my first ever short self-portrait documentary film for a Documentary Production Class that I’m taking at AUBG.

The documentary is about my passion for photography –  film photography to be precise. You can read a post I did a few months ago about the importance of film photography in my life here. And see some pictures that I took on my film camera here.

The film will soon (tomorrow-the day after tomorrow) be available on this website .

Production still


All you have to do is to walk through the storm and rain. In the end, there’s always the sun shining high above you.



Ilia Panayotov, Bulgaria, Yambol

Good morning, NYC

On the Bus

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

A flea market was always a dream place for me to go to. But since I grew up in a really small city, I didn’t have a chance to experience the beauty of not just shopping, but rather looking for interesting, viewy, extraordinary, peculiar and odd things.

Fortunately, I wound up in New York City a few days ago. And the first place I wanted to visit wasn’t Times Square or the Statue of Liberty. I went straight to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market.

Sunset in NYC

Simply love that city.

The beauty of working on the shore…

…is that you get to see the magnificent ocean every time you go to work, have a break, or walk back home.