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New York City was eaten by the blizzard on Jan. 23, 2016. When people were encouraged to stay inside their home, I went outside to depict the natural forces.




All you have to do is to walk through the storm and rain. In the end, there’s always the sun shining high above you.



Ilia Panayotov, Bulgaria, Yambol

B&W prints

Freshen up

♫♪♫ Ray Charles – Mess Around  ♫♪♫


It’s simple

Love each other.

Film Day

Sometimes I get tired of my digital camera. And when that happens, I buy a roll of film, take out my old camera Zenit and start capturing the light…

The best day of your life

I’m the reason for you

That’s when you loose focus, is when  you forget how you got to the top; and once you forget how you got to the top, you forget everybody that helped you; and you forget anything that inspired you; and you wake up one morning and that vision, that creativity gives you one old middle finger. It says, youyou forgot me, you denied me and I’m the reason for you.

Next thing

Soon I will tell you a little story about Moskva, city that I fall in love with more and more every year.