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Gorgeously magnificent

I took some pictures from the plane when flying from Denver, CO to Los Angeles, CA. I instantly became glued to the window. Frankly,  I was in awe till the end of the flight.

Denver, CO 



Hello, my friends! ” How are you doin’ ?”  🙂

Today I’m going to tell you about the city that … Well, I am not really sure if I love it or just like it. I certainly love the sun, the heat, the beautiful beaches, the gorgeous ocean and the palm trees. L.A.

I arrived at LAX with the sense of excitement and anxiety. The first thing that struck me was the presence of palm trees. Tall and green, they were everywhere. Palm trees actually made me happier every time I looked at them. Probably because I’d never seen them before in my life as I grew up in Magadan.

I spent in LA just a few days. I understand there wasn’t enough time to get the “essence” of the city, to see all the “not so touristic places”, but the impact L.A. had on me was enormous. What would you feel if you were coming to the capital of the movie and music industry, to the city of beautiful and sunny beaches, to the city everyone wants to go to? As for me, I felt good. I felt excited. I felt happy. I felt like my dream was coming true.

Gradually, I realized that L.A. has got two completely opposite sides. On side is full of  beautiful, glossy, made of glass skyscrapers; huge mansions on Beverly and the other side is a home for mostly hispanic immigrants. It isn’t in the tourist guide books, and why would it be there? Sad. There’s a huge gap between the rich and the poor, but, unfortunately, that’s the way it is in big cities.

My favorite part of L.A. is the Venice beach. Or any other beach. I love those little sea food restaurants, colorful houses, people surfing or just lying in the sun. The life slows down… in a good way. It feels like everyday is a weekend. It’s probably a good thing to spend all your Summer in Los Angeles or to go to college there, but I prefer NYC. It’s so fast and busy that it makes you get down to work, it pushes you over the edge, it, in a way, fears you. And if there’s a fear in your life, then you are going in the right direction. L.A doesn’t fear you. It gives you everything to feel comfortable and satisfied.

I didn’t write about Hollywood, about the Universal Studios on Halloween, about the people… I’ll save it for the next posts. Hope you enjoyed that one. Have a wonderful time, my friends.