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New York City was eaten by the blizzard on Jan. 23, 2016. When people were encouraged to stay inside their home, I went outside to depict the natural forces.



Sunset in NYC

Simply love that city.

B&W prints


“Nobody of any real culture, for instance, ever talks nowadays about the beauty of sunset. Sunsets are quite old fashioned. To admire them is a distinct sign of provincialism of temperament. Upon the other hand they go on.”

Oscar Wilde

Film Day

Sometimes I get tired of my digital camera. And when that happens, I buy a roll of film, take out my old camera Zenit and start capturing the light…

Bansko Ski Resort

Last weekend I spent with mu friends skiing, snowboarding and having fun. Bansko Ski Resort is one of the most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria.


I went snowboarding for the first time! Details are in the next post.

On the way to Bulgaria

A flight from Moscow, Russia to Sofia, Bulgaria.

Up The Hill

Hello, everyone! I’m back; haven’t been here for almost 2 months. I’ve been so busy. That was a good break from blogging that  was necessary for me.

For now, here are some pictures I took when I went up the hill in the city I live in (which is Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria).

Holidays in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria