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The beauty of working on the shore…

…is that you get to see the magnificent ocean every time you go to work, have a break, or walk back home.


Going West. 3 years ago

1096 days, or 3 years ago I  said goodbye to my dear friends and host family in Colorado, USA and came back to where it all started, my home country Russia.Yes, I was an exchange student once and spent 10 months in the States, living in the host family and going to the High School nearby.

Exactly 3 years have passed since then, and I still consider that year in the US as one of the best years in my life that completely changed me. It was the first time I travelled alone, the first time I visited America, the first time I celebrated Christmas and New Year without my family and friends, the first time I really missed my beloved ones… it was the first time I tried rice crispy and went to Starbucks for crying out loud!

I basically came nowhere because I didn’t know much about the country, the city I was going to live in. I didn’t know the family I was going to spend 10 months with. I had no friends there, no shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh with. It was just me. And that’s when I realized that sometimes in your life you wouldn’t be surrounded by the people that love you and care about you. Sometimes you would have to accept  what’s going on in your life, even if you don’t like it; you would have to face it and deal with it. It took me several months to realize that and actually begin to enjoy my staying in the States.

When I arrived at the Denver International Airport in August, 2008 I wanted to come back home immediately. In May 2009 it was time to go back home, and I didn’t want to leave. But I had to. I said good bye to my host family, to my friends, not knowing when I would come back to the States to see them again. 3 years have passed. And I finally arrive at the Denver International Airport just like 3 years ago and I see those I dearly love and miss. Finally reunited. Pure happiness.

May 21, 2012

Going West. New York City

I believe that traveling alone is great. Yes, a road trip with your friends is a fantastic thing to do, but when you’re going to a place you’ve never been before, you’d better go on your own. Selfish? Maybe. But that way you get out of the safe harbor, free yourself and open to new experiences. It is only you and your emotions and feelings.

New York City welcomed me like no other city on a beautiful Sunday evening. It appeared as a gorgeous mass of steel and glass with a fast beating heart. It seemed monstrous outside, but incredibly ~soulful~ inside. I loved its chaotic lifestyle. It seemed perfect in its imperfections. Everything, absolutely everything was inspiring about New York. Busy and loud, it was creating a symphony. And it felt right being there. Have you ever had this feeling when you come to a new place and you immediately feel like this is the place where you’re supposed to be? That’s what I felt in NYC. Even its confusing subway that I read so many things about appeared to me extremely easy and right. But nothing really compares to the people that make New York what it is now. Without them, it would be just a huge park surrounded by skyscrapers. They shape the city and bring it to life.

I can go on and on about New York, but should I? There are SO many interesting posts, stories and videos about it. I would just suggest one thing: before reading those stories, come to New York first. Alone. Get lost in its inspiring madness. And simply walk and explore the city and let the city explore you.

As the sun was getting down on a warm Monday evening, I headed further to the West. To a place that I call my second home – Colorado.

Going West

May 5, 2012. Central Bus Station in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I arrived at the bus station with my close friend Alina from the little town called Blagoevgrad where I go to college. We only had a  few hours together at the station before we would go our separate ways. Being incredibly hungry, we immediately caught a cab and went to the closest McDonalds.

And then, one hour later, we said goodbye.

I headed West – to Istanbul, Turkey. The bus ride took 9 hours. At 7 am next day I arrived at the bus station in Istanbul. My flight was gonna be in 5 hours, and I had no idea how to get from the bus station to the airport. Luckily for me, one guy in his 30s, who was on the bus with me, was going to the airport too. And he spoke Russian! He took me to the Turkish subway and together we arrived at the airport. I called my family, passed through security and was on the 11-hour flight to the Big Apple.

It’s been 3 years since my last visit to the US, and now I was going back. What an incredible feeling! My seatmate on the plane turned out to be a young Canadian girl that spoke both English and French. Thanks to her, 11 hours felt like 3. We talked, laughed and shared stories. In a blink of an eye, I was in New York, JFK.

Having no internet at the airport and being extremely tired, I didn’t take subway. It seemed too confusing. And besides, I didn’t know what train to take and what station to go to. A shuttle directly to the Hostel was a perfect and cheap option. I shared the van with a few people including an American from midwest and an old man from England exploring the US for the first time in his life. The shuttle dropped me off. I checked in, left my suitcase in the room and walked around the hostel for an hour. It was about 11 pm, so I didn’t go far. I just strolled in the streets, went to the nearest Deli, ate the best hamburger in my life, came back to the hostel and crashed in the bed. The most desirable dream that I had in 3 years finally came true – I was the USA again. In New York City. In the middle of Manhattan. What more could you wish for? Tomorrow I was going to fly to Denver, Colorado. Ahead of me was a peaceful night and a beautiful day in NYC and then – my second home, my friends and my family in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Every day I’m… traveling

USA, Colorado, 2012

USA, New Jersey, 2012

Gorgeously magnificent

I took some pictures from the plane when flying from Denver, CO to Los Angeles, CA. I instantly became glued to the window. Frankly,  I was in awe till the end of the flight.

Denver, CO 


Hello, my friends! ” How are you doin’ ?”  🙂

Today I’m going to tell you about the city that … Well, I am not really sure if I love it or just like it. I certainly love the sun, the heat, the beautiful beaches, the gorgeous ocean and the palm trees. L.A.

I arrived at LAX with the sense of excitement and anxiety. The first thing that struck me was the presence of palm trees. Tall and green, they were everywhere. Palm trees actually made me happier every time I looked at them. Probably because I’d never seen them before in my life as I grew up in Magadan.

I spent in LA just a few days. I understand there wasn’t enough time to get the “essence” of the city, to see all the “not so touristic places”, but the impact L.A. had on me was enormous. What would you feel if you were coming to the capital of the movie and music industry, to the city of beautiful and sunny beaches, to the city everyone wants to go to? As for me, I felt good. I felt excited. I felt happy. I felt like my dream was coming true.

Gradually, I realized that L.A. has got two completely opposite sides. On side is full of  beautiful, glossy, made of glass skyscrapers; huge mansions on Beverly and the other side is a home for mostly hispanic immigrants. It isn’t in the tourist guide books, and why would it be there? Sad. There’s a huge gap between the rich and the poor, but, unfortunately, that’s the way it is in big cities.

My favorite part of L.A. is the Venice beach. Or any other beach. I love those little sea food restaurants, colorful houses, people surfing or just lying in the sun. The life slows down… in a good way. It feels like everyday is a weekend. It’s probably a good thing to spend all your Summer in Los Angeles or to go to college there, but I prefer NYC. It’s so fast and busy that it makes you get down to work, it pushes you over the edge, it, in a way, fears you. And if there’s a fear in your life, then you are going in the right direction. L.A doesn’t fear you. It gives you everything to feel comfortable and satisfied.

I didn’t write about Hollywood, about the Universal Studios on Halloween, about the people… I’ll save it for the next posts. Hope you enjoyed that one. Have a wonderful time, my friends.