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Versatile Blogger Award

OMG! My blog got nominated for Versatile Blogger Award! It is really an honor. First of all, I want to thank blogger who nominated me! Marie Nagle Photography . Thank you so much! It means a world to me. It was really unexpected.

According to the rules, I gotta do the following things:

– create a list of seven things about yourself;
– create a list of 15 blogs that you enjoy most and link to those as well. Then you must go and tell them you have nominated them.

7 things about me:

1. I was born in Russia in a small town called Magadan;

2. I am 18;

3. Sometimes I am crazy;

4. I went to an Art School for 4 years;

5. I love Italian and French cuisine; my favorite dessert is Creme Brulee;

6. I love photography and theatrical performances; our life is a huge performance;

7. Right now I am in Bulgaria, but I love traveling so I ain’t gonna stay here for a long time 😀

14 blogs that I enjoy and wish to nominate for the award: 

– http://cameravagrant.wordpress.com/ 

– http://abitofeverythingnow.wordpress.com/ 

– http://xandreverkes.wordpress.com/

– http://mostlymonochrome.wordpress.com/

– http://imagepro.photography.com/captures

– http://katiescamerablog.wordpress.com/

– http://wevelostcontrol.wordpress.com/

– http://bigontrips.wordpress.com/

– http://dailyphotonz.com/

– http://jentbrave.wordpress.com

– http://kariymmedia.com/

– http://theendangeredsartorialist.wordpress.com

– http://daveflota.wordpress.com

– http://hipsterinhk.wordpress.com


What was that?

Wow. As you know, the previous post was written by my friend Ogi. I didn’t know what he was gonna write about and when I saw his post… Frankly, I was confused. I thought he was gonna tell us about New York City. And boy that post is long! Who is going to read it? Well, what do you think? Did you like that post?



A new post in a few hours! Stay tuned 🙂

The very first one

This is the very first post I wrote, and hopefully it isn’t going to be last. When I first wanted to create a blog, I knew what it would be about- about everything and about nothing at the same time. Ridiculous, right? Well, this blog is a mash-up of things that interest me and that make me wanna say: What the heck?! There’ll be lots of photos, lots of fascinating stories and so much more.

First of, I am Igo and I am here for YOU. Let’s Igo together.