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I’m the reason for you

That’s when you loose focus, is when  you forget how you got to the top; and once you forget how you got to the top, you forget everybody that helped you; and you forget anything that inspired you; and you wake up one morning and that vision, that creativity gives you one old middle finger. It says, youyou forgot me, you denied me and I’m the reason for you.


Film will never die

Today it’s all digital. We’ve got internet, online newspapers, online magazines and we’ve got digital cameras. Now, to take a picture all we need to do is just to push the button on the camera. That’s all. The job is done. And if the picture isn’t good, you can take another one. And one more. Hundreds, thousands of pictures. We are only limited by the amount of space on the flashcard. We don’t appreciate photography any more the way we used to. We don’t appreciate the precious moment we try to capture.

You know, when I shoot in film, I actually care about every single shot I take. Roll of film is expensive as well as developing it. And I’ve got only 36 pictures to take. Those restrictions, in a way, make me value every single moment I want to be captured. I see that moment, I feel it. There are no retakes. It’s a live show.

The thing that I love about film is that it is real. Light goes directly on film and creates pure magic. You can see it, you can touch it. And what about digital pictures? Well, it’s all 0 and 1. Something that doesn’t even exist. I don’t want that. I want something real. I don’t judge digital cameras. In fact, I use one every day. I enjoy it, I appreciate it. But there’s just something attractive about film photography. You load the roll of  film into the camera, set the right exposure and F-stop, then develop the film… I love it. Sometimes you don’t know how the picture is gonna turn out. There’s a sense of unpredictability which is awesome. Every time I wait for my roll of film to be developed, I am excited, thrilled. It’s like waiting for the Xmas presents. It’s a celebration, that’s what it is.

Film cameras have become retro. Just ten years ago I wouldn’t even dream to have a digital camera. Everybody used film cameras. And now… now it’s hard to buy a roll of B&W film. Film photography is slowly dying… Once we’ve got to the top, we forgot how we got to the top. We forgot what was before. We forgot everything and everyone that helped us along the way. And sooner or later photography will give us one middle finger. Film photography is dying… And it’s up to us no to let it die. #Film will never die .

A few days ago I got my 1963 film camera back. It’s called Zenit. It used to belong to my dad. He gave it to me as a gift. The best gift you can ever get. I haven’t hold Zenit in my hands for 2 years… Once I got it back, I immediately bought a roll of film and started capturing the moments, I started catching the light.

Art is…

I visited the Denver Art Museum some time ago and there was a special room where you put a sticker on the wall and wrote a sentence on that sticker. The sentence was: ‘Art is…’.  And then you had to continue and write what art meant for you.

What is art for you?