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WATCH: ‪#‎exclusive‬ ‪#‎coverage‬ of ‪#‎media‬ and the topic of limitations on AUBG campus ‪#‎Blackout‬

The Bubble (news show created by students at the American University in Bulgaria covering news on and off campus) received an email from Panitza Visiting Professor Johanna Granville saying that the even she’s organizing on campus “MAIDAN AND BEYOND: MEDIA BLACKOUT IN UKRAINE” will be closed to ALL AUBG student media except one AUBG DAILY. We decided to find out what happened and why she is limiting AUBG student media.



Light show. Part 1

Hello, my friends. How are you all doing?

You know, I love going to all sorts of crazy and strange shows. So, I attended the Light Show in Denver’s Zoo, CO. It was surreal. It started at night so the guests could enjoy the show in its glory. I took some pictures. They came out bizarre. No photoshop.

Expect Part 2 soon. It will be hot and dangerous.