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100th post, or I Go My Way

I can’t believe this is my 100th post on this blog. Time really flies fast.

I started this blog because I needed a place where I could put my thoughts, my ideas, photographs. I needed to share them. I needed an audience. It’s been just a few months, but I am SO thankful to every single subscriber and viewer. You guys are great. But I didn’t just want to post pictures and stories. By this whole blog I wanted to tell you that each one of us is beautiful in his/her own way, no matter what this way is. We all go different roads. We are all different. And maybe that’s really the point of life: to find the right path in life and stick to it. Not someone else’s. Your OWN way. With your own dreams and desires.

My blog is what my life is about: I have the privilege to go to different places, meet interesting people and, of course, take my camera everywhere I go, take pictures and then share with you to show that life is so beautiful. And if I managed to inspire at least one of you, I’d feel so so so great. Then it was really worth it.

This is my way. And no matter how hard it is, I stick to it. Everyone of us has its own story to tell, a path to follow. I go my way. What about you?


Going West. 3 years ago

1096 days, or 3 years ago I  said goodbye to my dear friends and host family in Colorado, USA and came back to where it all started, my home country Russia.Yes, I was an exchange student once and spent 10 months in the States, living in the host family and going to the High School nearby.

Exactly 3 years have passed since then, and I still consider that year in the US as one of the best years in my life that completely changed me. It was the first time I travelled alone, the first time I visited America, the first time I celebrated Christmas and New Year without my family and friends, the first time I really missed my beloved ones… it was the first time I tried rice crispy and went to Starbucks for crying out loud!

I basically came nowhere because I didn’t know much about the country, the city I was going to live in. I didn’t know the family I was going to spend 10 months with. I had no friends there, no shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh with. It was just me. And that’s when I realized that sometimes in your life you wouldn’t be surrounded by the people that love you and care about you. Sometimes you would have to accept  what’s going on in your life, even if you don’t like it; you would have to face it and deal with it. It took me several months to realize that and actually begin to enjoy my staying in the States.

When I arrived at the Denver International Airport in August, 2008 I wanted to come back home immediately. In May 2009 it was time to go back home, and I didn’t want to leave. But I had to. I said good bye to my host family, to my friends, not knowing when I would come back to the States to see them again. 3 years have passed. And I finally arrive at the Denver International Airport just like 3 years ago and I see those I dearly love and miss. Finally reunited. Pure happiness.

May 21, 2012


“We all need the freedom to die noble in a life that has been unworthy of us, being subject to sin and emptiness.” 



Don’t understand



Hello, friends!

Do you know this feeling when a certain number just follows you everywhere. For me that number is 21.

First of, I see it once in a year on the calendar on my birthday! Well, that’s probably because my birthday is November 21st. 🙂 My room number is 2137; I’m gonna go back to my hometown on 21st; the 5th season of my favorite TV show started on January 21st (LOST); after a wonderfully spent year in America, I left the country on May 21st (and the date wasn’t chosen by me); my favorite HS  musical that I worked on, Into the Woods, was shown for the last time on February 21st. My favorite Adele’s album is “21“. 🙂 And so much more…

I know that we can find any number in our lives that repeats several times, but 21 just makes me feel good. It’s my number and it ain’t going away. 🙂

The best day of your life

Would you still believe?

If they were not who you were taught that they would be, would you still believe?

I’m the reason for you

That’s when you loose focus, is when  you forget how you got to the top; and once you forget how you got to the top, you forget everybody that helped you; and you forget anything that inspired you; and you wake up one morning and that vision, that creativity gives you one old middle finger. It says, youyou forgot me, you denied me and I’m the reason for you.