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All you have to do is to walk through the storm and rain. In the end, there’s always the sun shining high above you.



Ilia Panayotov, Bulgaria, Yambol

Good morning, NYC

Going West. New York City

I believe that traveling alone is great. Yes, a road trip with your friends is a fantastic thing to do, but when you’re going to a place you’ve never been before, you’d better go on your own. Selfish? Maybe. But that way you get out of the safe harbor, free yourself and open to new experiences. It is only you and your emotions and feelings.

New York City welcomed me like no other city on a beautiful Sunday evening. It appeared as a gorgeous mass of steel and glass with a fast beating heart. It seemed monstrous outside, but incredibly ~soulful~ inside. I loved its chaotic lifestyle. It seemed perfect in its imperfections. Everything, absolutely everything was inspiring about New York. Busy and loud, it was creating a symphony. And it felt right being there. Have you ever had this feeling when you come to a new place and you immediately feel like this is the place where you’re supposed to be? That’s what I felt in NYC. Even its confusing subway that I read so many things about appeared to me extremely easy and right. But nothing really compares to the people that make New York what it is now. Without them, it would be just a huge park surrounded by skyscrapers. They shape the city and bring it to life.

I can go on and on about New York, but should I? There are SO many interesting posts, stories and videos about it. I would just suggest one thing: before reading those stories, come to New York first. Alone. Get lost in its inspiring madness. And simply walk and explore the city and let the city explore you.

As the sun was getting down on a warm Monday evening, I headed further to the West. To a place that I call my second home – Colorado.

Every day I’m… traveling

USA, Colorado, 2012

USA, New Jersey, 2012


It’s simple

Love each other.

At World’s End

What a beautiful sunset today. Very inspiring. I am at World’s End.


Taking pictures using film cameras is my passion. There’s nothing like it. I understand that digital cameras are more popular than film ones, I understand that digital cameras are quiet easy to use, you don’t have to buy a roll of film every time, develop film and then print the picture. I understand all of that, but I don’t really care. I love film. It is pure magic.

I had a photography class back in High School and probably that was the time when I fell in love with film. The way you develop film, put it in all kinds of chemicals… the smell in the darkroom…

Some of the pictures I took in the USA (Colorado, Aurora. Thanks to my host dad, Phil, for the camera), others were taken in my home town, Magadan (I used old Soviet camera Zenit).

My friend, Lena.

My cat, Kesha. He’s actually 20 years old. 

I am expecting my film camera soon. So, be ready to get new pictures. Stay tuned and don’t forget to Igo.