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The best day of your life


I’m the reason for you

That’s when you loose focus, is when  you forget how you got to the top; and once you forget how you got to the top, you forget everybody that helped you; and you forget anything that inspired you; and you wake up one morning and that vision, that creativity gives you one old middle finger. It says, youyou forgot me, you denied me and I’m the reason for you.


Make the music loud

Maybe that’s just ’cause I’m 18. You know, teen spirit is kicking. But I think, we gotta make music louder; we gotta dance like no one’s watching; we gotta love from the bottom of the heart; we gotta live to the fullest.

At World’s End

What a beautiful sunset today. Very inspiring. I am at World’s End.

Don’t be afraid

Often something mysterious, something scary can turn out to be the most beautiful thing in the world. Don’t be afraid to explore. If you’re going in the direction that your fear is growing, you’re on the right path. Challenge yourself. You are brave.

Are you alive?

I love fire. I love its energy, I love its fickleness. I love how dangerous it is. Every single person has got a fire inside. Someone’s fire is burning, someone’s is not. Are you burning from inside? Are you emitting the light? Are you alive?